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Ryan’s Cot arrives at SAH to help grieving parents

After hearing about the ‘Cuddle Cot’ and how it helped her cousin Amanda and her husband Richard, Angela Caputo, owner of the Breakfast Pig, decided that Sault Area Hospital needed one. The Breakfast Pig began fundraising and before she knew it, the Cuddle Cot arrived at our local Hospital.

Ryan's Family

The Cuddle Cot is a device that allows grieving parents additional time to say goodbye to stillborn children. The one now available at SAH was given in memory of Ryan Russell. “A friend of mine told me that she thought it was amazing that someone so small could do something so mighty,” said Amanda Russell, Ryan’s Mother. “That’s what having this here means - to have this life mean more than just the few hours we got with him. To give other parents more time to spend with their babies is everything.”

Cuddle Cot

On behalf of the families that will benefit from this generous gift, we would like to thank Angela, her family, the staff at the Breakfast Pig, and all the amazing supporters of this campaign. Our community shows time and time again what they can accomplish when they work together!

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