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Proceeds from Soo Sings for Kids! Algoma U and SAH.

In the Sault Sings for Kids annual sing and dance competition, local businesses face off to win funds for a child-oriented charity of their choosing. Algoma University collected $1,500 from the event to make a donation to the Maternal Child Care Fund here at the Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

Algoma U put on a great show and we thank them for thinking about the patients in our community!

Algoma University "Thundertunes" Team members:

Raquel Lehto
Melissa Ouimette
Brent Krmpotich
Darla Pirillo
Bev Teller
Joanne Nanne
Cindi Elgie
Brittany Paat
Bonnie Gaikezheyongai
Jim Adams
Vivian Jimenez Estrada
Steven McCoy
Coralee Lahey
Shauna Major

Algoma U
(L to R): Top - Melissa Ouimette, Steven McCoy, Raquel Lehto, Middle - Britany Paat, Brent Krmpotich, Bev Teller, Bottom – Amy Casola - RPN, Vivian Jimenez Estrada, Erica Bickell – RN Team Lead, Cheryl Pavoni – Executive Director SAHF.

Staff at Sault Area Hospital participated in the Soo Sings for Kids event. $1,500 was raised at the event as well as $271.72 in donations from staff during their performances here at our hospital. The proceeds were donated to assist the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment and Care program.

The SAH team, "ICCARE Crew“, put on a strong performance and made us all proud!

Sault Area Hospital "ICCARE Crew" Team members:

Arja-Liisa Gallo
Carolle Manzo
Cathy Belanger
Heather Bedhun
Katey Notte
Katie Malone
Katie Mitrikas
Michelle Nogalo
Patty Greve
Patricia Lachowsky
Sandra Frolick
Tiffany Fleming
Francine Gignac


SAH Staff
(L to R): Patty Greve, Cathy Belanger, Katey Notte, Cheryl Pavoni – Executive Director SAHF, Katie Mitrikas, Michelle Nogalo, and Tiffany Flemming.