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IBEW Northeastern Ontario Local Union 1687 Support Surgical Care in Our Community

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Northeastern Ontario L.U. 1687 (IBEW Local Union 1687) have made a donation of $30,000 to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation to purchase the surgical equipment required to perform more Open Radical Prostatectomies at Sault Area Hospital. The equipment purchased will benefit patients in need of this life saving surgery and will help local Urologists perform up to twice as many procedures weekly. 

“We all care about our families. We wanted to ensure every family in this community stays healthy and that every Father, Grandfather, Brother and Son has access to the care needed to win every battle against Prostate Cancer. The fact that this donation increases how many patients can receive care is something every member of IBEW Local Union 1687 is proud to be part of.” Bruce Palmer, Business Manager - IBEW Local Union 1687.

On behalf of all the families of the Algoma District, we would like to thank IBEW, both Local Union 1687 and International, for this incredible commitment to the healthcare in our community. It’s donations like this, from great people like you that ensure the healthcare professionals of Sault Area Hospital have the tools needed to provide excellent healthcare. Thank you!


BACK ROW (L to R): Christina Wray, RN – SAH, Ingo Schuurhuis, Patient Care Manager - Operating Room & SPD – SAH, Dr. Nadim Haidar, Physician – SAH, Rob Battisti, Board of Directors – SAHF, Tasha Varpio, Board of Directors – SAHF, Bruce Palmer, Business Manager - IBEW Local Union 1687, Paul Soyatt, Member of IBEW Local Union 1687,  Amy Wheeler Reich, Board of Directors – SAHF.

FRONT ROW (L to R): Cheryl D’Arcy, RPN – SAH, Toni Cicino-Solomon, RPN – SAH.