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Bravery Bracelets by Anastasia

Cheryl Pavoni and Anastasia Zagordo
Nineteen year old Anastasia Zagordo has been witness to a very inspiring type of bravery and it has affected the way she lives her life. She has been a volunteer at the Sault Area Hospital for 2 years, usually helping out once a week in the Algoma District Cancer Centre, despite her busy life as a university student. Beyond this, Anastasia wanted to do more to help the patients and families affected by cancer in this community. She has had some people very close to her battle cancer and being close to that type of bravery helped her come up with her way to help.

Bravery Bracelets
Bravery Bracelets are the fundraiser Anastasia developed. She designed the bracelet to be a reminder, whether past or present, of the fight that is required to beat cancer. Each bracelet’s colour scheme represents the support for a specific type of cancer. The bracelets are handmade by Anastasia and have been in high demand. The net proceeds of the bracelet sales have been donated to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation Cancer Care Fund to help with the purchase of medical equipment essential to patient care in the Algoma District Cancer Program.

Anastasia is a student at Algoma University, majoring in biology, and is striving for a future as an orthodontist. Although she knew she wanted to do a fundraiser to help with the fight against cancer, she had no idea how popular her product would be. “There is no ultimate dollar goal, I just want to help inspire hope and remind the patients and families in these situations, to be brave.” she explains. With over 200 bracelets made, Anastasia looks to expand her fundraiser to provide more help to the community, “I started at Relay for Life and saw lots of support. I am looking to produce more bracelets and start selling them at the Canadian Cancer Society (on McNabb St.). Then I can donate the proceeds towards cancer treatment and cancer research.”

This project has led to hundreds of dollars donated to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation Cancer Care Fund; so far. Anastasia’s goal is to do what she can while the bracelets are still in demand and then think of another way to help. Bravery Bracelets are available now in the Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association Gift Shop for $5 each. They will be available soon at the Canadian Cancer Society in support of cancer research.

The Sault Area Hospital Foundation, on behalf of the past, present and future patient of our hospital, wants to thank Anastasia for her assistance. Great people like her help ensure our hospital has the medical equipment needed to provide excellent patient care. Thanks Anastasia!